5 Reasons Why Føerni is Your Solution to Home Furnishing

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 Just moved to Hong Kong and are looking to furnish your new place? Or maybe youve lived in Hong Kong for a while now and are dreaming of filling your apartment with some new pieces? Whatever the case, weve got the perfect solution for you. Føerni is a furniture rental service that offers flexible options for high quality pieces. Never heard of furniture rental before? Here are 5 reasons why furniture rental with Føerni can help you solve all your home furnishing problems.

1. You save yourself a LOT of time

furniture rental saves you time
No need to go around and visit dozens of furniture shops. You can easily browse through Føernis online collection instead. Furniture shopping has never been this easy.
In todays fast-paced world, time is money and the currency we all desperately need. If youre a busy bee set on conquering the world, you dont really have time to go from furniture shop to furniture shop speaking with vendors, fixing logistics like delivery or pickup, or even just setting up your piece of furniture.


With Føerni, everything is done online at your own time. Browse through Føernis curated collection and simply fill up your cart with pieces you love. Not sure what you want? Dont worry, Føerni can help you come up with an aesthetic vibe too! Once youve paid, Føerni will also take care of the delivery and installation of your pieces, giving you the option of a stress and hassle free process from start to finish. Now thats definitely not a bad deal!

2. You can stagger your payments and ease the strain on your bank account

why furniture rental is your solution to home furnishing

Instead of paying a large amount upfront, you can pay a monthly fee (like a subscription service). 

Its understandable why a lot of people tend to shy away from buying furniture. Lets be real: They can be expensive. And if youre looking to furnish your apartment or home with multiple pieces (e.g. tables, chairs, sofa, bed, lamps, etc.) its quite probably that youll be saying goodbye to your savings, right?

This is where renting to own furniture can come in handy. Think of it like a monthly subscription service. Instead of paying the total amount and accumulating an impressively high bill, youll pay monthly installments until you cover the total price of the piece you want to own. The best part is that Føerni promises that youll never pay more than the retail price, making high quality furniture so much more accessible to everyone.

3. You can change your mind

home furnishing solution

No need to worry, commitment phobes! You can easily swap a furniture piece if you feel youre up for a change in scenery. 

Heres the thing with buying furniture upfront its a commitment. You cant really change your mind if you decide that this sofa doesnt look as great as you thought it would in your living room. With furniture rental, if your tastes change, you can easily swap your piece for another one that suits you better.

Maybe you want to try out some minimalist or vintage pieces? Maybe you saw some amazing interior design inspiration in a magazine and want to see if you can emulate it? This wont be a problem when youre renting furniture with Føerni. And while theres nothing wrong with commitment, there are definitely some benefits to being allowed the freedom to change your mind. You can read more about it here.

4. You are guaranteed high quality pieces

high quality furniture pieces

Why buy second-hand furniture when you can easily have access to high quality, Instagram-worthy pieces? 

If youre on a budget, its understandable that youd go for the cheapest option available. Maybe youll look up second-hand furniture or buy from Buy and Sell Facebook groups or other websites. Now, thanks to Føernis easy furniture rental process, you dont have to worry about questionable items.

Føerni carries pieces from well-known local and international brands such as Magis, Hay, Normann, Louis Poulsen, Muuto, Design House, Vitra, Gus, and more. You can have your dream home without having to sacrifice your savings!

Looking for more ways to furnish your home without breaking the bank? We've got some ideas for you here.

5. You can extend a piece of furnitures life and help the environment

sustainable and eco-friendly furniture

Say Noto Fast Furniture. Føerni makes sure to maximise the life of each piece of furniture so as to lessen furniture waste. 

Did you know that approximately 9 million tons of furniture end up as waste every year? Thats a lot of furniture, and simply throwing out a piece of furniture you dont use or dont want anymore could have negative effects on the environment. 

The great thing about Føerni is that they try to extend each piece of furnitures life span. So if youre tired of your dining room table or are moving to another place and dont know what to do with your sofa, Føerni will come pick it up for you and make sure it doesnt go to waste.


You can find out more about Føerni and furniture rental at www.foerni.com, or follow them via their Facebook or Instagram pages.

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