6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting Office Furniture Instead of Buying

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office with professionally designed rental furniture

Furniture is an indispensable part of every office, and furnishing your space is integral to creating your work environment. Getting everything from desks and chairs to phone booths and even coffee machines can be a daunting task, not to mention quite a costly one. Luckily, offices in Hong Kong now have the option of renting furniture with Føerni. Not convinced yet? Here are some of the benefits of renting your office furniture...

1. Flexible payment plans

office in Hong Kong with rented furniture

The biggest issue when it comes to furnishing an office is the initial investment you need. Finding affordable, high quality furniture can be difficult, and the budget you need to set aside for buying your office furniture can amount to large sums that can constrain your cash flow. You don’t want to pay for cheap, poorly made pieces that might end up breaking before the year is out.

Renting furniture on the other hand, offers flexible payment plans (e.g. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc.) that eases your financial strain. This also allows you to put your capital in other resources, letting you focus on growing other aspects of your business. Føerni also offers a rent-to-own option where you can continue monthly payments until you cover the retail price of an item. 

2. Minimal commitment

Companies who are on short term leases or are subleasing spaces often have problems buying furniture because of the large investment needed for a short amount of time. Renting furniture in this case is a great solution because of the minimal commitment you needed.

Føerni’s minimum rental duration is one year, which makes this perfect for startups who have relocated temporarily or are planning on moving within a short amount of time. This also helps keep your costs low, when compared to the large sum of money you would have to shell out when buying furniture.

If you’re looking for furniture to rent for less than a year, Føerni’s website offers products that have a minimum rental duration of three months to serve your needs.

3. Built-in insurance

aesthetic working setup with desk, computer, and chair

One of the main concerns people might have when renting furniture is the upkeep necessary to maintain them. What happens if someone spills coffee on a chair? What do you do if someone accidentally rips or tears a couch?

Føerni has got it covered. Every item that you rent with Føerni comes with Føerni Care, a furniture insurance that covers up to 90% of damages. You won’t need to worry about stains, tears, and rips, and can just focus on using your furniture the way you want to.

Føerni also provides a product guarantee over the course of your rental period. This means that they’ll be covering maintenance and repairs for your furniture should anything happen to any of your rental items.

4. No logistical stress

In the professional setting, time is money, and any time you can save to do more important work the better. Furnishing your office can be costly in terms of time. Researching, commuting, and discussing with sales agents about furniture pieces can take weeks, not to mention the time you’ll have to invest dealing with the logistics such as delivery and installation.

When you avail of a furniture rental service like Føerni, logistics is not a problem. Føerni has a curated catalog that narrows your choices down to high quality pieces. You can easily choose your furniture, set up a payment plan, and arrange for delivery and installation.

If you don’t want to be bothered with choosing between a wide variety of items, Føerni even offers a fully equipped workstation that can be easily set up in any office space.

5. Easily accommodate your needs

office with employees on desks, chair, and computers

Change is a constant in every business. Most companies tend to forget about the smaller details such as furniture and appliances when it comes to their constantly changing environment. Let’s say half of your team will be working from home, what do you do with all the extra furniture on hand? Or let’s say you suddenly decide to hire an entirely new team? Do you go out and buy new furniture all over again?

Another benefit of renting furniture is that it can easily adapt to and accommodate your needs. If you have a volatile recruitment cycle, you can easily rent a few more desks and chairs. If you’re relocating to a different office, Føerni can help transport your furniture for you. If you’re leaving the city and don’t know how to dispose of or what to do with the furniture you’ll be leaving behind, Føerni can help with that too.

Føerni makes sure to maximize the lifetime of every product to help reduce furniture waste and make an impact on the environment.

6. Allows you to keep up with the trends

There are numerous studies that show that aesthetic workplaces positively affect employees’ attitudes. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to work in a beautiful working space as compared to an ugly office?

One of the things renting furniture allows you to do is keep up with aesthetic trends. Instead of sticking to a single layout or design, you have the option of switching up your office look. This will help give your work space a new look and feel to help keep your employees, engaged, excited, and motivated.

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