Should I Rent, Rent-to-Buy, or Buy Furniture? What's the Difference?

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If you find yourself in Hong Kong and are looking to furnish your home, you’ve actually got a lot of options to choose from. Do you rent your furniture? Maybe you should consider renting-to-buy? Or should you just buy furniture instead? We’re taking a closer look at all of these options, and breaking them down for you.

Renting Furniture

This is great for…

  • Short term tenants
  • People who like to switch up their style


  • Monthly installments instead of large upfront costs
  • Minimum commitment to pieces
  • No furniture waste

The concept of rental furniture may be quite new for some, but it’s been around in Europe and the U.S. for quite some time. The idea is that you pay monthly installments for pieces of furniture instead of shelling out a huge sum of money upfront. This is great for those who are staying in a certain area for a short amount of time or are on a short term lease.

Renting also works for short-term tenants because you won’t need to worry about logistics like installation and furniture waste when you leave and have to figure out what to do with the furniture you leave behind. When you rent with Føerni, you can be sure that your item gets to be re-used and not wasted.

Another benefit of renting furniture is the fact that you can constantly change up your interiors whenever you feel like it. With just a minimum commitment (3 months at the shortest), you can swap out your living room essentials for a different style when you feel like it.

Renting-to-buy Furniture

furniture you can rent-to-own

This is great for…

  • People who can’t make up their minds on the furniture they want
  • People who want to try out different styles or pieces of furniture


  • Monthly installments instead of large upfront costs
  • You can easily swap or switch an item
  • You only buy the product if you love it

This basically means renting a piece of furniture until you cover the retail price, which will mean that the item becomes fully yours. Think of it as a trial period of sorts. If you’re not sure whether a piece of furniture will suit your aesthetic or will fit into your home, you can try renting it first, and if you love it, continue to pay in installments until you pay for the product.

If you feel like you want to switch it out for another, then it’s just a simple process visiting Føerni’s website, choosing a new item for you to try next, and having the new product delivered while having the previous one picked up – completely stress-free!

Buying Furniture

beautiful bedroom with furniture

This is great for…

  • People who know what they want and are willing to invest in it
  • People who prefer brand new items


  • Flexible payment options with Føerni
  • High quality, brand new items

This option is for those who want to invest in their home. If you’re sure of your design aesthetic and know which pieces you want in your beautiful home, then you can opt to buy your furniture pieces outright.

If you’re worried about your financial capability to buy furniture, Føerni offers flexible payment plans – to be paid off in one year – that make owning your furniture so much easier. For example, instead of paying HKD 7,990 for a sofa upfront, you can pay monthly installments of HKD 732 a month for 12 months. Not a bad deal, right?

Looking for more ways to furnish your home without breaking the bank? Check this out.

Another advantage of buying furniture is the brand-new conditions the items are in. Even though items carried by rental companies like Føerni go through a thorough cleaning process comparable to the procedures used in hotels, some people prefer brand new furniture, and that’s totally fine too.

So which option should you choose? It will really depend on you, your priorities, and your preferences. Take a look at what you’re prioritizing at the moment (i.e. your career, your home life, your family) and see which of these options can best fit you and your lifestyle.

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