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We make beautiful spaces easily accessible for you in a more sustainable way.

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Affordable Furniture

Let’s be honest: Furnishing your space can be expensive. At Føerni, we help solve the expense of furniture in two ways. We are able to provide all our furniture pieces anywhere from 20-60% cheaper than your traditional retail stores. We also offer both buy and rent options for all our items. You can even rent-to-own to help ease the strain on your wallet!

Beautiful Curated Collections

Say goodbye to boring and tacky designs and browse through our beautiful curated collections instead! You don’t have to settle for unaesthetic furniture pieces when you can have the dream Instagram-worthy home you’ve always wanted – at an affordable price too!

Extra Services

Besides being costly, furnishing a space can also be time consuming and stressful. We want you to be able to live without the stresses of furnishing, that’s why we offer services such as interior design assistance, furniture assembly, sourcing, customization/personalization, and more. No need to worry about all the little details, our additional services can help make your life easier and stress-free.

More Furniture Reuse

What happens when you decide to move or are tired of your old furniture pieces? Getting rid of your old furniture can not only be difficult, it can also cost you. Not to mention the fact that they will usually end up in landfills, which is harmful to the environment. At Føerni, we are committed to maximizing each products life cycle, reducing furniture waste one piece of furniture at a time!

Less Upfront Costs.

As we all know furniture is not a bargain especially when passing on 'Fast Furniture'. Usually, we have to buy multiple items at the same time, which sweeps our account empty. Luckily, furniture rental is a great solution to keeping your cash flow and saving your money for the important things in life. Quality time with your loved ones. And good food. 

More Flexibility.

Whether you are embarking on a new adventure, moving to a new area, city or country the following questions:
- What should I do with my old furniture?
- Why is storage so expensive?
- Should I buy new furniture again?
…should definitely not be on your mind. Your furniture should adapt to your life! And not the other way around.

Less Life Admin.

Getting your new place furnished or giving your current place a new look should not involve visiting multiple retail stores. Ordering your items from multiple sources with different lead and delivery times often results in unnecessary stress. You should instead have a one-shop stop that is accessible from your cozy home or favorite coffee shop.

More Furniture Reuse.

Your life and your plans change. It happens. That's normal. But getting “rid” of furniture is pretty difficult and expensive. Often they end up in landfills which is devastating! At Førni we will maximize our product's lifetime. Reducing furniture waste one sofa at a time.

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